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About Reza hadian - PixRez

Reza Hadian is a London based portrait, beauty, fashion and event photographer. He provides his photography services on location and in his studio located in south London.

With a background of doing photography in the television and media industry, Reza moved towards fashion and beauty photography where he found the opportunity to work with big production teams in the UK, fashion designers and stylists that allowed him to develop his photography skills.

Edgy, bold and graphic vibes are the main feelings that his photos portray whether shooting advertising campaigns, beauty, portraits, boudoir, headshots, fashion editorials and album covers.

Reza Hadian photography PixRez - About RezaHadian

Let's make it fun and ask Reza a few random questions!

Q: It's the last day of your life, what do you do?

A: I would go and take photos.

Q: Black and white or colour?

A: I go for black and white unless the colour adds something to the photo.

Q: If you have to play just one song in your photoshoot what would it be?

A: I ask my model to pick the song ;)

Q: Have you ever arrived late to a photoshoot?

A: Never.

Q: Would you prefer to shoot in the woods or the city?

A: Definitely the city. 

Q: Soft and easy poses or poses with attitude?

A: Poses with attitude are more my style.

Q: Natural light or studio light?

A: Depends what I am shooting.

Q: RAW or JPG?

A: RAW 100%.

Q: Sony or Sony?

A: Mmm a tricky one, I guess I would go for Sony!

Q: Dark or bright?

A: Dark with a bright spot of light somewhere.

Q: Your favourite social media platform?

A: Pinterest!

Q: Your favourite location to shoot?

On stairs! For real. 

Q: Shooting on a sunny day or a rainy day?

A: I'd say 80% of the time a rainy day or night. It has more drama.

Q: Spontaneous photoshoot or a planned one?

A: I like to always have a plan even if it's a plan for a spontaneous shoot!

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